Variations of Memory (Artist Book – 2011)

Variations of Memory
When we experience a moment, emotion, event, occasion… our perspective registers that experience to be called upon later as a memory. Each of us remembers the experience differently and later receives the memory uniquely due to the situation of the individual. The details of the experience and the vividness of the memory also vary.

In a conversation with someone else that experiences that same moment, emotion… each individual’s memory and rebuilding of the experience in their mind fabricates a new mental experience of that memory and juxtaposes it with the immediate situation the memory is being recalled in.

Variations of Memory tries to represent this process using transparencies and manipulated images of two very closely related experiences.

Cover is glue, gel mediums, aerosol, and fluorescent ink with dry rub lettering.

All images are digitally manipulated and printed on transparencies.


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