The Interaction with Memory (artist book – 2011)

The Interaction With Memory (Artist Book – 2011)
by  s. arden hill

The cover is made of bubble wrap, modge podge, gel medium, spray foam, acrylic and aerosol paint, and dry letter transfer. The cover was stab bound onto a thirteen page book block.

The pages are made of digitally manipulated photographs on transparencies, bubble wrap, vellum, packing and scotch tape, ink, aerosol paint, and piezo microphones

For the The Interaction with Memory I embedded a small spy ear listening kit into the cover and created two pages using piezo buzzers as contact microphones. The book essentially becomes a microphone to listen to your interaction with the physicality of the work.

The Interaction with Memory is part four of a series of five artist books exploring and experimenting with the idea of Memory. One of the main motivations behind this series was a concussion I experienced a few years ago that has affected my short term memory and how I now have to respond creatively to friends and family when they bring up things I should remember.

This specific work draws inspiration from those moments when memory becomes the film of your thoughts and imagination with the present moment being the soundtrack. Because our lives don’t pause when in recall of a memory we keeping going interacting, creating, and connecting memories and building our collage of experience.

The Interaction with Memory gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the sound of this process. By using a series of microphones, a spy ear listening kit, and a set of headphones the book amplifies your experience with the work. It gives you the opportunity to move with the book and engage in a close listening of your interactions as well as the environment that surrounds you.

On exhibit at the Abecedarian gallery in Denver, Colorado June 17th until August 2011


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